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Blog Design by Blog Designers Thought you might like to see what some of us do in our off time. Our very own Mike Caputo recently re-launched diary of a rockstar, his journal of his journey from regular Joe to leaving-to-tour-the-continent rock god. His site looks fantastic, and has very rightly been picked up by a couple of the css galeries. Way to go Mike! Just this past Monday I traded in my dual g5 tower and my powerbook for a new MacBookPro 2ghz laptop with 2gigs of ram. My PC died, you see, and rather then spending a single penny on a new pc, I decided to try out the all in one wunder-box that is the new apple laptop. So two days in, what do I think? Man, this thing is HOT. Hot like smoking fast. Hot like set your lap on fire. First thing, it is much faster than the g5. Even at non-intel native apps like photoshop. The OS is way snappier. Startup is a bit quicker, and shut down even more so. Having 2gigs of ram probably helps things, as I understand Rosetta can be a memory hog. The new screen on the laptop is much nicer than on my older ti-book. The resolution is higher, and everything is bright and crisp. I have two initial complaints: first is the heat. There is no way I can sit with this thing on my lap without putting something like a pillow under it. Second is the fact that I now have an octopus of wires sitting on my desk. Plugged into the laptop are the powercord, audio line out to the stereo, the DVI connector for my 23” cinema display, an ethernet cable, and the cinema’s Firewire and USB cables. With the g5, this was all nicely hidden out of sight. Other than those two issues, I’m really enjoying the freedom of having a fast laptop. Being able to work at full speed from any location is freeing. It’s nice to be able to get a change of scenery every once in a while. Being able to run windows is also super cool. I’m using Parallels, which allows me to open windows in a window – no rebooting required. This is a gift for the web designer who has to test his work in ie. Happy days. Later on this week I’ll be hopping a plane for SXSW. I am incredibly stoked. I’m hoping to meet as many people as I can while there. If you’re going, leave a comment or send me an email to hook up. Next up is the as yet unnamed Toronto blogging conference being held May 8 and 9th at the Rotman School of Management. Details are sparse, but Mark Evans, one of the organizers promises more details by mid-march. I’ll post them here when they’re up. We’re also booked for the blogging cruise coming up this October. I’m not sure how well a boat full of people who spend their days in front computer screens will fare in the hot caribbean sun. But I’m willing to find out! Are there any other events coming up we should be attending? I love going to these things. I love speaking at them even more. So if you’ve got an audience who wants to learn about blogging for business or the role of design in online communications, give me a shout.

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