Progressive Parenting

Progressive Parenting Remember this: Expensive cars, huge houses, brand names, price tags, the latest gadgets, and the latest fads are not tied to our self image or self worth. In today’s world, technology has played so many roles in our lives. A 5-year-old already knows the difference between a real Barbie doll or an American Girl doll, and just an ordinary, inexpensive doll at a Walmart Toys’ shelf. My question is, does it matter? With how technology has evolved in today’s age, kids own the latest gadgets because parents consider them to be the coolest presents that they can give their kids. Blackberry and Apple in the past were just fruits. Now, they’re the much-desired toys that everyone wants to have. And they’re expensive, we all know that. There are other brands that are also competent and pricey, but you’re not the most “in” and the coolest guy if you’re not holding an iPhone, and iPod, or an iPad. My question is, does it matter? My eldest daughter got to hold an iPod Touch for the first time when she was 4 years old. She knows who Steve Jobs is. When I was that age, I didn’t know a thing about Apple products. Much more about brands. I was carefree and life was hard, but FUN. So, brand names versus non-brand names– does it matter? Don’t get me wrong, I would be a hypocrite if I am saying that non-brand names are enough because I myself am particular with brand names all for their quality. I was the one who bought the iPod Touch that my daughter used over two years ago. It was mine originally, until I didn’t have time to use it anymore while Triz has enjoyed all the music videos (gospel and religious) that her Dad saved in it so I had to bequeathed it to her. I am glad that she is not into dolls because if she is, it would be a big issue in our budget. I am aware that there are kids these days who would insist on having a REAL Americal Doll or a Barbie Doll and not the fake ones or the cheaper ones. If the parents of those kids are just a typical middle-class earner, I am sorry for them. At my daughter’s school, there was a 3rd-grader girl who always watched how Triz would look like every morning. She would often say, “You look so neat and you dress up so nicely, but your shoes is not Skechers or Barbie and your shirt is not Guess or Tommy Hilfiger.” Of course, little lady! Because Triz’s Mom buys her clothes and shoes from Kmart or Target or Walmart. Sometimes, at Kohl’s when clearance sales are going on! Lol. I mean, does it matter what brand my 6-years old should wear? First of all, my daughter is the type that never demands for something that she wants because she grew up not having the luxuries that other kids have. We give her everything that she needs but the wants are left in my decision whether to buy it or not. The husband and my principle is that there are other things more important than our wants so we only give in to those when we feel like we needed a treat. Financial budget is something that we seriously look into consideration in our household. Grocery bills are getting higher and higher every time we shop and I don’t want to add an item or two in that bill which is just a nonsense want. As early as when our daughter was able to talk, we already instilled in her the principle that we will only provide what we can afford. Brand names and our kids today. If you are a millionaire and you don’t know what to do with your money, then this post won’t concern or bother you. You can go ahead and shower your kids every latest gadget there is and I wouldn’t care. But, if you are like us who are trying to raise a child to be mindful of what others are experiencing around her and in another part of the world, then, are we doing what we’re supposed to be doing in order for our kids to understand that there is more to life than owning and spending time with those gadgets and other branded stuff. No one person is better than another based on what they have in monetary terms. And just as important, we should teach our children to be grateful for what they do have and what they have been provided with. Remember, price tags and brand names are not tied to our self-image or self-worth.

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