It’s amazing how this 6 lbs. 12 oz. newborn is now 18 months old!

It’s amazing how this 6 lbs. 12 oz. newborn is now 18 months old! When I think of what I went through the entire pregnancy and birth experience I have had with this little soul, I can only lift my head up and be grateful for the provision of strength. God is so good and Tiara’s life is a manifestation of His wonderful love and incomparable power! Every single day, this kiddo of ours is a source of countless joys and endless amazement. She has lots of qualities and characters that are a total opposite from that of her big sister and I can definitely say that every child is different and unique but all the same precious and truly a blessing. This toddler of ours is into books, blocks, The wiggles, the iPad apps (that we give her access to), and Geometry… a lot! Orange fascination! And, aside from making us– her family happy all the time, she reaches out and makes other people happy, too, whenever there is a chance! Singing to the elderly folks! We regularly visit a Nursing Home and a Retirement Facility here in our place, twice a month in two different places, and Triz and Tiara bring joy to all the elderly folks there. It’s our way of reaching these people out not only by visiting them but also by talking to them, singing songs to them, and praying with them. It makes them feel so loved and they always look forward to having us every month. People always ask me and the husband: “Why do you do this?”. We always tell them “Because we love to and we want our kids to learn that there are a lot more people outside our home who would be really happy to be recipients of God’s love and goodness through them”. Teaching them young. It’s what we did to our Triz and it’s the same thing we do to our Tiara. They have witnessed Tiara’s growth since she was in my belly until now that she is already 18 months old. Hopefully, even beyond today. I am a thankful mom to two awesome daughters!

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