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    The beard is not the philosopher … a handkerchief, though! – online casino usa

    The beard is not the philosopher … a handkerchief, though! – online casino usa Imposed by the inevitable winter cold, the presence in his pocket a handkerchief would almost want – so this forced accessory is stupid and ugly – it out not so much to blow his nose for crying. That would ignore the poetic and prophetic of this small piece of cloth or cellulose power … Obviously, there must be a little artist to detect the explosive potential in a common handkerchief. This involves understanding the subject from the point of view of its potential, not its function to learn how to not only watch, but to see, to use a distinction made by Bergson in Thought and Mouvant “? What artist is a man who sees better than others [...] When we look at an object, usually, we do not see.”. This was well before the visionary eye of Guillaume Apollinaire declared on November 26, 1917, in a lecture entitled “The New Spirit and the Poets”: “A handkerchief may be falling for the poet lever with which it will raise a universe. ” Poetry is everywhere, even in the most trivial objects … The archetype is the handkerchief! If there is one artist who has stirred the world with for any lever, a handkerchief, it’s Shakespeare. Full participant in the tragedy Othello, Desdemona’s handkerchief – she inadvertently drops and becomes the medium on which crystallizes the murderous jealousy of the Moor of Venice – reveals that behind the standard function of any object hide “magic possible” or “revolutionary” as the names of the philosopher William Pigeart Gurbert in Desdemona’s handkerchief, the test object as possible: “The art [...] released possible revolutionary locked in. these articles [...] The handkerchief Desdemona is mottled red strawberries blood could take an ordinary handkerchief if contained in the same absolutely revolutionary frame possible:.. threat of death ” MONUMENT IN POWER “Where is the time when the handkerchief Desdemona seemed a ridiculous unacceptable?” Apollinaire already asked in the conference mentioned above … Another example of a possible form of revolutionary handkerchief that detected by George Orwell. Socialist to the end of the nose, the author of 1984 “could not blow his nose without moralizing on working conditions in the industry handkerchiefs” as Philippe Sollers reported in Orwell, to the left! All tissue would be a monument to power: the word monumentum it not primarily meant for the Latins, “which recalls something” – like nodes that we do in our tissues … ? In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Literature, December 7, 2009, Herta Müller says that little girl, her mother asked her every morning when she arrived at the gate, if she had a handkerchief: “Being without handkerchief I returned to take to my room. I never had, because every day, I expected this. The handkerchief was proof that my mother protected me in the morning. ” Substitute for a mother’s love, the tissue could then become, the Romanian-born German novelist, a symbol of courage and resistance to oppression as a young woman, she refused to become a … “Snitch” in the pay of the Soviet power. Years later, in interviews with the poet Oskar Pastior, she heard him mention his companion dark days in misery and the Gulag: A white handkerchief given one day an old woman that looks like a mother. “Ever since I heard this story, I also have a question: the phrase” you have a handkerchief is it universally valid, she extends over half the world, in the sparkling snow, frost thaw? “asks Herta Müller, giving the term” big as a pocket handkerchief “meaning and unexpected dimension …

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